Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ottawa Seek and Find

 Was in Ottawa a week and a half ago for a few days. While there was looking for a place to ride near the place I was staying at. I keeping hearing there is nothing in Ottawa to ride but like anything I am always resourceful.

After checking Google Earth Satellite view found a hydro line with a area beside that looked promising.

Work road access

And turns out found something off to the side heading into the trees...Singletrack.


While it wasn't a technical singletrack oasis it still gave an hour of riding. This little trail find even gave a nice setting sun moment.

A doe in a field near some barely maintained trail. A unexpected thing to see on some unknown to me trail area.


Nothing like finding some new unexpected singletrack of any kind to add to the trail knowledge.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Camp Fortune 2016

It was two years ago since I last had the chance to ride Camp Fortune. This yeargot to do so again but unfortunately only had a limited time one evening to ride it. With limited time was only able to get a couple of pics as was trying to get in as much riding as possible.

I think not

 Unfortunately my goal of getting to the top for a setting sun peak shot didn't happen as made a mistake at the CBC tower and followed trail #22 and turned back later than I should have.

Having ridden recently in BC it was interesting to note the difference that a skills refreshed on Upper Oilcan and Espresso makes. Though it was noticeable how with less time to go back during the week like my first time effects one's comfort level.

By Dusk's Fading Light

Racing down the last light added a wee bit more excitement than planned by deciding to try and T Bone a Deer. Despite the short ride time was still fun to hit it again. And adds to the desire to have a bike like the stolen Stylus for rides like this with a bit more gravity.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Bruce Pit Exploration

Few years ago rode some trails north of Hunt Club Road along the west side of highway 416. And has been a few years since had the oppurtunity to ride here again.

The section I rode previously is called the Stony Swamp Conservation Area trails which back then I had no idea there name or what maps where available.

Stony Swamp Conservation Area Trails

When I rode those trails noticed an area across highway 416. But never had a further look as I ran out of time. Revisited it today.

Bruce Pit Trails

It is not Route 66 or BC XC level of technical. But when ridden at speed you can miss stuff like the turns or in some spots play smash your hands off trees. But let's face reality one could complain but it is still better than pea gravel poodle path. Another nice thing I noticed that there was a alot of sand here so it will drain well.

One thing of note at Bruce Pit is the huge fenced off dog walking area. Very very nice to fence them off from the rest of us.

Did find a map of the system and discovered that this is part of the Ottawa Western Greenbelt section. And one can have a longer ride when you add in Stony Swamp and not shown on the map Lime Kiln trails.

In general a good quick rip.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rouge to Seaton To Rouge

July 7th was a hot and humid day...perfect day to torture one self by riding for 4-5 hours in it. The last time I did at least the out and back part was 10 and a half months ago.

Rouge to Seaton

The first requirement of this ride was the climb of Ben Trash, the highest point on Scarborough. I say requirement as for me at least every ride in the Rouge has a mandatory without exception go to the top of Ben Trash. Plus most rides it\s a nice beer with a view spot. But not today as lots of work to do.

I Go Thatta Away

After descending Ben Trash it was off to eating salad taking the CP connector to the Seaton. Which of course can't be complete without a side of European Fire Ants...Bloody bastards.


After crossing the rail bridge headed north aiming for Taunton  Rd .

This Is Why

While I had at the start considered trying to go further north of Taunton the heat and humidity factors. Well, it would have taken more pr planning than i had been able to do. As not having access to a refuelling point could have some serious repercussions if things went south. Running out of water could not be a good thing.

So with that in mind looped round and started heading back south from Taunton. Which required a wee bit of relocating and exploring.

Where's The Beer?

Rock crossing

After a rock crossing of Seaton it was along the creek side via some narrow single track. Which in one spot if one isn't paying attention would be a dip in the creek.

More Beaver

After another stop at the view point to take stock of my water supplies and eat some patatoes as was feeling a little run down. Then resumed heading towards the CP rail bridge to cross over again.

From the bridge looking south could see the other lookout further down that had more shade . And since I had a beer in my pack this was where it would be drunk.


At this point enjoyed the beer and the last of my food as it was 3.5 hours in on a hot day. And after some quick mental calculations figured had just enough water to get back. So headed backtowards Scarborough. It was from this point the same route back to the Rouge. Once back at the Rouge there was the mandatory second climb up Ben Trash.

Better than  a view from a desk

After descending Ben Trash again it was down to Sheppard via Meadowvale. And just as I turned onto Sheppard drank the last bit of water. SO nearing my Mother in Laws grabbed a Slurppee which was enjoyed while dripping on her front porch.


After 4 hours of riding had gone through a large Camelbak bottle, 2L hydration bladder, and 2 Back bottles. So the decision at Taunton to not try to go further north was the correct one. And while I want to go further it will take proper planning for this in 2017. It was a good ride which gave me more thoughts of what to plan for in 2017.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

North Fredericksburgh Crown Land Revisited

Last December when we had no snow took took a road trip to near Napanee to do a Recce ride of the North Frederickburgh Crown Land that was told about from one of the other MTB Kingston members.

North Fredericksburgh Crown Land

 Sunday May 29th was able to take a road trip back to Napanee to revisit this location. Keeping in mind it was swamps and may not have many ride able options for routes even this time of year.


Leaving the parking area which was definitely cleaner that in December. It was drier than in December so was looking up that I might find something rideable. Came up to the ATV club coverall with three choices. And as I recall took the straight ahead option which lead to bod. So went right.

Left, straight, or right......Choices.

Was definitely dry the track I chose which crossed under the Napanee-Kingston hydroline. And the track crossed back into the trees heading in the direction of the 401. Which you could hear.

Looks promising
Took a look down a fork to the left and it came out right at the fence beside the 401. So had to kack track as it didn't look interesting.

Dull 401

Followed the track that went right that pretty much went straight back till it passed a farm house on riders right. Which spit me out on Switzerville Road. When I looked back hidden in the trees was the sign...."Unmaintained Road..Blah blah blah blah". May as well say "Unused road...explore"

Sign should say.....
Took Switzerville Road back to the trail head and went back in. Found a track that came out at the Duck Unlimited Pond one can see by the 401 on the south side.

Ducks Unlimited Pond

And on the way back just to keep it stupid took a questionable path that required me to hop through a swamps.

In the end while nothing majorly exciting here. There is a short loop one can put together here...

Good for a short spin when am in town. Or could possibly add a bit of mileage if parking at say the Tims by the 401 in Napanee and riding there and back.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Turbine of Pain Part Deux

 With the weather being better and the water levels finally dropping down to low levels. Figured it was time to revisit the 2014 Turbine of Pain route from 2014.

 2014 Turbine Of Pain

 This year would follow the same route but try to actually connect to Ernestown.On my 2014 ride came up short as hadn't brought enough food to fuel on the hot day. Also had taken a different track 3/4 of the way to Ernestown which dead ended at a huge farm field.

Turbine of Pain 2016

After a wee bit of rain which led to a afternoon start it was an easy spin to the start of the real work. Better prepared of course...despite the hydration bladder deciding to retire after 11 years of use.

Wet Roll Out

Looking good for now 

Time to ford

How to numb your hands in less than 500m.

Looking back at the first Bog of the day

Riding Tussock like grass hurts

Snowmobile trail

It's a beautiful bridge

After reaching what I believe is the deactivated part of Jim Snow drive followed the snowmobile track that I had looked at before. Which in 2014 I had turned right and headed back instead. Partially because the water levels seemed higher unlike this year. Of course it meant had to contend with at least 4 more bog sections.

It's not just a ride, It's an adventure

The additional snow mobile trail did connect to Camden Road East which led to Ernestown...specifically the old train station.

And this called for a beer....home brew of course. Because it was a tough slog to get to this point as more than half of the way out was bashing snowmobile trail.

Beer, because fuck your electrolyte drink

Headed back via Caton road, well at least 3/4 of the way. Specifically to give my hands and shoulder a rest from being beaten by the snowmobile track. The Cinelli bars I ran as an experiment for the road sections to add a position where I could rest on my forearms. And give my hands a rest.

4 plus hours late thinking of beer and junk food

This year felt stronger through it all so the winter of endless intervals and dead lifts with a side of squats have worked. As well had packed food for the ride that added the comfort factor.

Because...fuck yer Cliff Bars

So over all a successful redo of the 2014 first attempt. Unfortunately had a gear problem as the hydration bladder decided to retire. So had to improvise with 4 waterbottles in the pack which isn't an ideal situation as round one's dig into the back when in the Wingnut pack. Thinking I might pick up a couple of Backbottle's to use.

In the end after 4 plus hours and nearly 50km of abuse was a good day out. And was a 3 beer evening of recovery.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

First ride of 2016

 Finally the weather has it seems to stop being full blown weird.  Which allowed for the first actual non freezing ride of the year.

Rough route and distance for all those Strava types who worry about this stuff.

April 8th Ride

While the tea leaf readers at the Weather Network said it would only be light rain. One can never trust them so mostly go with little stop and take pictures.

Not really eventful  in the end except for a side track I took that decided in 2016 to have a Bog as part of the exit.

It was definitely still damp. And even non singletrack routes where muddy.

In the end a 21.24K first ride of the year sans thermal kit.